Bride Cursed for Eternity for Forgetting her Something Blue

Bride Lina Sanchez was convinced that as long as she had her something borrowed, something old, and something new, forgetting the something blue wouldn’t be that big of a deal. “Blue just didn’t fit my color scheme. I guess I could have probably could have worn blue undergarments, but then I would know that I wasn’t adhering to my color scheme and that would have haunted me all day,” says the now cursed bride. Little ...


What the F#$@ is This Crystal Embellished Napkin Ring Doing at My Rustic Chic Wedding?

We here at The Every Bride edited portions of this Real Wedding post in consideration for some of our more sensitive readers. Rebecca, I can’t help but notice that I gave you one job as my bridesmaids: picking up table accents from Michael’s craft store. And let’s face it, my theme, Country Charm, is just not that difficult. Is it? I mean I’m not being unreasonable when I assumed you, as a 25 year old woman ...


Bride Disturbs the Space-Time Continuum By Wearing Her Mother’s Wedding Dress

The second Margie began to walk down the aisle in the gorgeous silk and lace dress that her mother wore to her own wedding, there was a sudden tear in the fabric of spacetime, right in the center of the church. “I didn’t understand where that hole came from,” explained Margie’s mother Diane, “it just popped up and all these crazy neon lights were going in and out.” We here at The Every Bride consulted ...


Bride Nancy Definitely NOT pregnant - This is NOT a Shotgun Wedding

Rumors were abound at the recent nuptials of Nancy and Ryan Hollowell, claiming that this was, in fact, a shotgun wedding. “I mean, they were kind of casually dating on and off for a couple years and then suddenly they were engaged? And the wedding was only 6 weeks after the engagement? It seems a little fishy,” close friend and bridesmaid Beth Green tells The Every Bride. The bride and groom decided to write their ...


Template for Five Hour Wedding Ceremony that Addresses the Religious, Spiritual, and Moral Diversity of Your Guests

Opening Welcome all friends and family and thank them for coming to celebrate with you on this special day. (3 minutes) Have guests share in a short prayer, blessing, or message corresponding to couple’s faith or beliefs. (2 minutes) Apologize profusely for offending anyone and open floor for suggestions for other prayers or blessings to open the wedding with. (3 minute apology followed by 45 minutes of open floor to guests) Readings Have special people in couple’s life read different ...


Ask the Missus: HELP! Save-the-Date Magnets are Taking Over My Kitchen!

Dear Missus, I’m writing to you from the only corner in my kitchen untouched by save-the-date magnets. It seems that everyone I know is getting married and I’m running out of room! What do I do?! Sincerely, Dana R.   Dear Dana, Well clearly you need to buy another refrigerator. And obviously start magnetizing all the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets and counters. Save-the-date magnets are to be treasured! Think of all the things you can hold up with these extra ...