3 Fabulous Weddings Under 200,000 Dollars!

under200,000 001

  1. Jill and Stephen’s Love Excursion

“We didn’t want our wedding to be an event, we wanted it to be an experience,” explains bride Jill as she sips champagne on a yacht driven by her new husband Stephen. The couple was married at the family’s country club in front of an intimate group of 30 of the couple’s closest family and friends before the entire group was whisked away by a small fleet of 5 yachts to a private island Stephen rented for the occasion. All this and some all star catering and glamping once the party arrived on the island for just 189,000 dollars.

  1. April and Megan Stay Simply Modern

“No,” said April when asked if she could describe what her inspiration was for her and Megan’s wedding this afternoon. The ceremony took place in a stark abandoned factory with a plush white, 153,000 dollar rug serving as the statement piece for the occasion.

  1. Anthony and Madison Bling in the New Year

“Let’s just say when the clock strikes midnight, we dropped more than dance moves and confetti,” said Madison with a knowing smile. “Diamonds…we dropped diamonds with the balloons and confetti,” clarified groom Anthony. This surprise finish to their perfect evening only set the happy couple and their family back 173,000 dollars.