Bride Creates Perfect Natural Wedding Landscape After Clearing 50 Acres of Forest at Base of Mt. Rainier


When bride Cece Billngsworth met with her wedding planner 3 weeks before her wedding, their main goal was to identify all the prime locations where the scenery would absolutely captivate her friends and family. “We decided to have a natural, outdoorsy wedding,  you know, to be one with nature and all. But there were just too many trees obscuring the view of Mt. Rainer,” explains Billingsworth. So Billingsworth did what any rational bride might do: she hired 25 bulldozers and had their operators clear 50 acres of forest at the base of the picturesque mountain. The entire job took 2 weeks to demolish the forest and 5 days for cleanup, meaning that everything was complete just days before the wedding. “It was so nerve wracking,” adds Billingsworth. “I wanted to make sure everything was leveled so that there were no wild animals wandering through our ceremony, but it was taking so long to clear all the trees and stuff.” Once the job was complete, Mt. Rainer provided the perfect backdrop to Cece’s lavish ceremony. Cement was laid down over the remnants of the forest so that a dance floor could be created, and guests used hollowed out tree stumps for trash receptacles. “Keeping nature at bay was the best decision we made to have the perfect woodsy wedding!”