Ask the Missus: HELP! Save-the-Date Magnets are Taking Over My Kitchen!


Dear Missus,

I’m writing to you from the only corner in my kitchen untouched by save-the-date magnets. It seems that everyone I know is getting married and I’m running out of room! What do I do?!


Dana R.


Dear Dana,

Well clearly you need to buy another refrigerator. And obviously start magnetizing all the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets and counters. Save-the-date magnets are to be treasured! Think of all the things you can hold up with these extra magnets. And once those invitations start to come in, you can have fun matching up the invite to the save-the-date! Taking over your kitchen? More like reminding you of the happiness of your friends and family. Dana, I’m not quite sure how this is a problem.


The Missus