Ask the Missus: How Many of My Pets are Appropriate to Bring to a Wedding?


Dear Missus,

Just got an invite to my neighbor’s daughter’s wedding! The invite says “plus one,” but what is the rule on the appropriate number of my pets to bring instead?


Lana M., Dallas, TX


Dear Lana,

The conversion of pets to plus one isn’t as simple as you would think. When it comes to dogs, just one is appropriate. You know, man’s best friend and all. If your pets happen to be hamsters, then 3-5 is standard. About 5-7 birds is sufficient, unless they are exotic, then 9-11 are acceptable. Cats are a whole different story. I’m assuming if you have cats, you have at least 3. However, clearly each of those cats will need a date, so 6 cats just makes the most sense. If you have fish, then you may as well just bring a human date.


The Missus