Be an Extremely Blushing Bride: Embrace the Clown Makeup Trend

clown 001

When it comes to make up, some brides like to claim that “less is more.” But we here at The Every Bride know that more is more. That’s why we are fully endorsing the hottest new trend among brides: clown make up. We consulted make up artist Alyssa Johnson to explain how this trend got started. “We all know that the idea image of a bride is porcelain skin with rosy red cheeks and a smile that pops. I just started enhancing this more and more,” explains Johnson as she coats paper-white foundation, cherry-red blush and crimson lipstick on a lucky bride-to-be. “My clients love it.” The clown make up also has a dual purpose: stressed out brides can still appear as happy as ever on their special day with the painted on smile concealing any dismay. “Using bold eye shadow and drawing eyebrows a little higher can also give the illusion that the bride is surprised at how wonderful her day is turning out,” Johnson adds. No word yet if the trend has spread over to grooms, but we’re crossing our fingers!