Becky Doesn’t Understand Why Her Selfies Can’t Be Used Instead of a Wedding Photographer

selfie 001

Becky knew that Jenny’s remaining wedding budget has just been cut short after she decided to splurge on adding an extra dessert fork to each place setting, so Becky offered to just take selfies during the wedding rather than spending money on a photographer. “I just wanted to help her out,” says Becky. “I was just being a good friend!” Becky was clearly distraught when her selfi-sh offer was laughed off by Jenny. “She thought I was joking! But of course I would make sure that the wedding looked great in the background of all my selfies!” Jenny was able to find some extra money to cover the costs of a professional photographer, but rumor has it, Becky was spotted leaving Wal-Mart with one of those sticks that tourists use now to take selfies.