Bride Cursed for Eternity for Forgetting her Something Blue

Bride Lina Sanchez was convinced that as long as she had her something borrowed, something old, and something new, forgetting the something blue wouldn’t be that big of a deal. “Blue just didn’t fit my color scheme. I guess I could have probably could have worn blue undergarments, but then I would know that I wasn’t adhering to my color scheme and that would have haunted me all day,” says the now cursed bride. Little did she know that being haunted all day would have been a much better fate than being haunted for eternity. “Right as the priest declared ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife,’ the sky turned dark and a strange mist seemed to fall upon Lina,” explains a wedding guest. Lina is now doomed to an eternity of being cursed. “One day I have a fox tail, the next day it’s Medusa hair. I never know what I’m going to get.” Husband Gino is currently on a quest across all the David’s Bridal stores in the United States to find something that will break the curse.