Bride Disturbs the Space-Time Continuum By Wearing Her Mother’s Wedding Dress

The second Margie began to walk down the aisle in the gorgeous silk and lace dress that her mother wore to her own wedding, there was a sudden tear in the fabric of spacetime, right in the center of the church. “I didn’t understand where that hole came from,” explained Margie’s mother Diane, “it just popped up and all these crazy neon lights were going in and out.” We here at The Every Bride consulted physicist Dr. Frederick Lightyear who explained that this is common when history attempts to repeat itself. “Margie was not only wearing her mother’s wedding dress, but many of the guests at Margie’s wedding were also present at her parents’ wedding. On top of that, Margie’s fiancee has the exact same characteristics of her father.” By repeating the exact same circumstances of her mother’s wedding, the space-time continuum was disturbed and caused a tear. Unsure of what could restore the rift, Margie has put her wedding on hold so she can “figure some things out.” In the meantime, the flower girl and ring bearer were caught throwing things into the hole only to have them thrown back in two-dimensional form.