Bride Finds Perfect Wedding Invitation Font, Now All She Needs is to Grow Up

font 001

10-year-old Sarah Anton knows the importance of planning early. “By 5, I already had the venue booked, the caterer chosen, clothes for myself and the whole bridal party picked out. By 7 everything was pretty much set, except for the invitations,” Sarah tells us. That’s when she began her 3 year journey to find the most perfect font for her invitations. “It wasn’t easy. My parents don’t have a printer at home, so I had to walk myself to the library daily and spend all my allowance printing off different types of fonts.” The average bride should expect to spend about 1-2 years deciding on the perfect font, but Sarah really wanted to make sure she had seen every option available before choosing. “My goal was to have everything set by my 9th birthday, but I needed that extra year to decide between Lucida Blackletter or Lucida Calligraphy,” she says. When the final choice was made, Sarah celebrated with her future bridesmaids. The orange juice was abundant and cookie crumbs were everywhere. “With everything set, I’m ready to let loose and finally be a kid!” No word on whether or not 11-year-old neighbor Bobby Jones has accepted his role as future groom.