Bride Nancy Definitely NOT pregnant – This is NOT a Shotgun Wedding

Rumors were abound at the recent nuptials of Nancy and Ryan Hollowell, claiming that this was, in fact, a shotgun wedding. “I mean, they were kind of casually dating on and off for a couple years and then suddenly they were engaged? And the wedding was only 6 weeks after the engagement? It seems a little fishy,” close friend and bridesmaid Beth Green tells The Every Bride. The bride and groom decided to write their own vows, which clearly stated the love they shared for one another as well as their eagerness to start a family. “I just realized he’s the one, and wanted to commit as fast as possible so that we have time to be young, hip, parents,” bride Nancy was overheard exclaiming. “Maybe I’ll get pregnant on the honeymoon,” she gushed. With a 2 foot wide circumference on her lavish, tulle, wedding gown, there was absolutely not body definition to give away the slightest clue. Best Man Dan Atwood, who did not approve of this wedding whatsoever, was seen trying to get a sniff of Nancy’s drink to tell if it was alcohol or just water. Many guests noticed that groom Ryan was constantly darting his eyes towards the doors, where Nancy’s father Brad seemed to have positioned himself for the night. Whether or not this was actually a shotgun wedding has yet to be determined, but insiders for The Every Bride spotted both Nancy and Ryan puking together in the bathroom after the reception. Alcohol or nerves? We’ll update you in about 6 months.