Considerate Newlyweds Send Fortunate Guests “You’re Welcome” Cards


Two hundred of the new Mr. and Mrs. Walker’s closest friends and family were the luckiest people in the universe this weekend when they were allowed to witness and celebrate the marriage of the happy couple. “I’ve tried to imagine what it must have felt like for our guests to realize that they were going to be able to share in our special day, but I don’t think I can even come close to understanding how unbelievably blessed they all must have felt when they received the invitation,” explains bride Jean Walker. Walker has been spending the afternoon as signing and addressing customized cards that feature the large words “you’re welcome” embossed across the front. “I am sure when many of our guests saw our ceremony, our reception space, and, of course, me in my wedding dress, all they could think about was how unworthy they were to be there. I imagine there aren’t even words in the English language to express how thankful they are, so I’m hoping these cards help them relax about their inability to properly express their gratitude,” explained Walker as she graciously completed the task of putting her guests at ease. Walker is now in the process of creating a line of ‘you’re welcome’ cards so that other brides can properly address the unbridled gratitude of their nearest and dearest.