Couple Grapple with Which Pet Should Officiate Their Wedding

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Very few promises in life are meant to be as permanent as marriage, so it’s no wonder the debate over which pet should officiate and solidify these sacred vows can become so tense for couples. “Like so many other people about to be married nowadays, we live together already and have a few pets in common. You think that would make choosing easier, but we really can’t agree about whether our cat, dog, bird, or would be the best officiant for our ceremony,” explains a frustrated groom-to-be Timothy Winters.  At the heart of this dilemma is the knowledge that you want one of your pets to officiate, but you also don’t want to hurt any of the other pet’s feelings. “We’re worried it will make any of the animals not chosen feel second rate, even though there are a lot of factors going into this decision not just which pet we like best,” Winters continued. The young couple did eventually opt to have their Parakeet Snoodle officiate the wedding citing a similarity in how they viewed the role of marriage and other parallel philosophical and spiritual beliefs.