Four Things You Never Thought to Cover in Rhinestones that You Absolutely SHOULD

r.stone fork and spoon 001

At The Every Bride, only one word comes to mind when we hear the word Rhinestones: MORE! So here are four things you never thought to cover in Rhinestones, that you absolutely should!

1. Your Reception Silverware

Imagine it: Bits of bling from prongs, blades, and scoop all the way up to the handles! A bit of sparkle along with a bit of unique texture added to every bite of your guest’s meal.

2. Your Teeth and Your Groom’s Teeth

Imagine how much more your smiles will dazzle in photographs for years to come if they are dripping with crystal!

3. Your Chosen House of Worship to be Married in

Marriage is a sacred event, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be shiny too. Consider coating the entire outside of your religious ceremony space in faux (or real) diamonds.

4. Grandma

Enough said!