Groom Brian Pretty Sure He Knows that Guy at Table 12

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At his wedding this weekend, groom Brian spent the better part of the evening trying to place how he knew a man, who looked incredibly familiar, at table twelve. “I know I recognize him from somewhere,” Brian kept saying to his new bride Sarah who said she had no idea who the guy was. After unsuccessfully trying to get other guests to say the unidentified Table 12 man’s name, Brian finally walked casually over to the table to try to sneak a look at the man’s escort card. “The card at his plate says Jim Tomas. I think maybe we had some family members named Tomas? So I’m thinking now he is either my cousin or maybe a guy who works at the office. But now that I think of it, he may have been on my college soccer team?” Tomas reportedly circulated around and spoke with many different guests at the party seemingly unencumbered by family/work/college boundaries. “You know it also really doesn’t help that Sarah put him at the left-over guest table,” exclaimed a frustrated Brian as he grew increasingly obsessed with finding out what exactly his relationship was to this mysterious invitee. Shortly after saying he was just stepping out to use the washroom, Brian was spotted hopping in his car to follow Jim Tomas home after the wedding presumably to find more clues about their enigmatic connection.