Our Wedding In Space!

space 001

Sure, you could plan the best wedding on the planet. But what about the best wedding in the solar system? My hubby and I knew our taste was just out of this world and nothing on this planet could suffice for our dream wedding. We contacted the crew of the International Space Station and asked them if they could clear out for a week so we could hold our nuptials there. I mean, it’s not like they’re doing anything important up there. They just float around and Skype with 3rd graders about what it’s like living in space. They could totally take a week off for our wedding. Regardless, they would not indulge, so we had to build our own space station. When the big day finally came, guests were jetted up through the atmosphere to our orbiting venue. With the lack of gravity, guests had to be creative when it came to hitting the dance floor. People more or less just moved their bodies around while the techno beats of our space DJ provided the soundtrack. For dinner, packages of freeze-dried space food were distributed to each guest. At the end of the night, we cut our space cake, did the traditional space bouquet toss, and bid adieu to our space guests as we embarked on our space honeymoon. Friends and family were sick for days upon reentry into Earth, but we know our space wedding was worth every space vomit they had.