Rational Bride Makes Good Point about Lavender and Lilac Being Completely Different Colors

lilac not lavendar

Local bridesmaid Brianna Parson was really taken by the sensible argument her good friend and bride-to-be Tiffany Klemmings made this week about the tremendous dissimilarities between two potential wedding colors: lavender and lilac. “By the time Tiffany spent two hours walking me through her 25 page research report ‘A Tale of Two Pretties: The Lavender and Lilac Dilemma’, complete with references to several different influential Pinterest boards, I realized we had a problem,” continued Parson as she explained that choosing between colors as unalike and lavender and lilac may essentially derail the whole wedding process. “Sure, the colors are both shades of purple, but that’s absolutely where the similarities end,” continued Parson. Unfortunately, Klemmings’ Groom-to-be was killed in a tragic car accident, and she is now agonizing over choosing between an ebony or raven colored coffin.