Rebellious Bride Opts for a Church Wedding Followed by Banquet Hall Reception


Karen has always gone against the grain, but when she announced that she would get married at Saint Patrick’s and hold her reception at Giometti’s Banquets, her family was shocked. “I mean yeah, Karen is definitely the black sheep of the family. She pretty much just listens to what’s on the radio, she has no tattoos, and she barely drinks at all; it’s weird. But even I was surprised by how traditional her wedding would be,” commented Karen’s oldest sister Jade. Her sisters and parents have done their best to be supportive of Karen’s decision, but they admit it has definitely been a challenge. “I mean she’s my sister. Of course I’ll love her no matter what, but I mean really she couldn’t at least have gotten married by a priest in an outdoor garden or something?” After finding out that Karen planned on wearing a white dress, Jade said she was reconsidering even attending; Jade explained, “my support for Karen can only go so far.”