Ring Bearer Ryan Wishes this Wedding Featured More Sea Otters…and/or Dinosaurs

dinoandotter 001

The Every Bride snagged an exclusive interview with Madelyn and Bob’s 6 year old ring bearer Ryan who brought some interesting insights into what went right and what went so wrong with this wedding. “It was good because it was outside, and I like outside because sea otters and dinosaurs live outside. But it was bad because it was boring, and it didn’t even have any sea otters or dinosaurs,” said a frustrated Ryan shortly after the ceremony. Apparently after Ryan began crying and demanded that the wedding have sea otters or dinosaurs or he wouldn’t walk down the aisle minutes before he was scheduled to make the march, groom Bob promised Ryan sea otters AND dinosaurs if he just made it through the ceremony. “Uncle Bob is a stupid liar. He told me there were sea otters in the fountain if I look close enough, but there aren’t. I’ve looked for like 10 whole minutes. If I have a wedding, I’m going to have a bunch of real sea otters, and they’re all going to hold hands with each other and me, and I’m not going to invite Uncle Bob and his stupid lying face,” said a frustrated Ryan as he looked sadly at the fountain. Later in the evening Ryan seemed slightly more cheerful after stealing two pieces of cake and writing DINOSAUR’S RULE on the cover of the wedding guest book in permanent marker.