Simple Wedding Celebrated by 250,942 Closest Friends and Family

stadium 001

Bride and groom Jessica Johnson and Ben Thomas spent months planning an understated marriage ceremony surrounded by a quarter of a million of their nearest and dearest this June. “We really want a baby’s breath and linen suit sort of tone; you know, special but basic,” commented Johnson the morning of the wedding as she did final inspections on the stadium the couple had to have built for the occasion. “I’m really looking forward to the whole day, but most of all I’m really excited I get to wear my mother’s lace wedding dress. It’s so elegant and demure. And the screen will really help my guests appreciate the gown and other little details,” continued Johnson as she pointed at the jumbotron that would help the entire audience capture every moment of the modest affair later in the day. The bride could not be reached for a follow-up interview prior to the publication of this article as the newlyweds are now entering their third day of welcoming guests in a receiving line to their reception.