Template for Five Hour Wedding Ceremony that Addresses the Religious, Spiritual, and Moral Diversity of Your Guests



Welcome all friends and family and thank them for coming to celebrate with you on this special day. (3 minutes)

Have guests share in a short prayer, blessing, or message corresponding to couple’s faith or beliefs. (2 minutes)

Apologize profusely for offending anyone and open floor for suggestions for other prayers or blessings to open the wedding with. (3 minute apology followed by 45 minutes of open floor to guests)


Have special people in couple’s life read different texts significant to couple. (10 minutes)

Apologize again for any offense given. (better go 5 minutes this time)

Have guests share special readings of their own they brought that remind them of the couple. (45 minutes)

Have guests read whatever random stuff they want even if it has nothing to do with the wedding just to make sure everyone is happy. (1 hour)


Have unity candle ceremony or incorporate other tradition(s) couple finds meaningful. (10 minutes)

Apologize (3 minutes).

Have guests offer up their own traditions or invent traditions on the spot. (1 hour)

Vows and Exchanging of the Ring

At this point just let your guests take over. (2 hours)