The Missus: Five Comments About Your Wedding You Should Absolutely Read Into More Than You Are Now

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Dear Missus,

I’m starting to worry that I’m reading too much into what people are saying – or not saying – about my wedding. How can you draw the line between addressing someone being passive aggressive and someone just making an offhand comment?




Dear Cindy,

Many brides worry they may be overthinking inane comments and worse getting upset about these remarks. However, pretty much everything said about your wedding deserves intense analysis, as it can really offer you some insight into what people really think about not only your special day, but also about you as a person. Here are five common comments that brides may take as relatively innocent that are absolutely anything but.


  1. Your hair looks beautiful!

Uhm, excuse me? “Beautiful” – on the most important day of your life they couldn’t spring for a less common description of your luscious locks? I bet they think your dress is beautiful, too. Jerks.


  1. You two seem to really love each other.

Oh no they didn’t! Like you need to be reminded of all of your failed relationships on this of all days. Sure you two seem to really love each other, but what about all those people out there before who didn’t love you as much? How insensitive.


  1. The food was so great!

Just go ahead and bring up how you’re not a great cook, so they’re so surprised that you would have good food at your wedding. They probably think you’ll be a terrible wife because you aren’t “domestic” enough. Guh – hello it’s 2015, and you’re a modern woman!


  1. So are you guys going on a honeymoon?

They obviously don’t think your marriage is going to last. One vacation alone together will obviously be enough to finish this marriage; they want to know what chance they’ll have at getting their gift back. How tacky.


  1. We had such a great time!

…There aren’t even words for how insulting this is. Just NO!



The Missus