Top 5 Photos From Your Wedding that Could be Enhanced with Photoshop

photoshop 001

1. The picture of you and your groom at the altar.

With all that awful religious garb in the background, you can use photoshop to place in some celebrity faces over all the Jesus’s. Was that George Clooney watching over your wedding? (Wink, wink)

2. The picture of you and your new hubby with his family.

Your mother-in-law insisted on wearing that terrible seafoam green frock instead of the

outfit you picked out? Photoshop it! Now not only is she wearing what you wanted, you can even photoshop a smile on to her face!

3. The picture of your first dance.

Photoshop out your hubby’s terrible dance moves and make him look like Mr. Suave.

4. The picture of the best man toast.

Use photoshop to clean up the best man a little bit. Maybe even enhance the speech to remove all those stories of he and your husband’s college days. Make it more about you!

5. The picture of the bouquet toss.

Female guests looked a little wild when diving for your bouquet? Photoshop some

classiness into the whole situation- your guests will suddenly look demure and… classy.